Our Vision

It is our vision to be able to bring everyone affordable and quality training. This can be in your workplace, home or one of our venues. We supply training to individual sole traders to national service providers. I started as a one-man band so never forget my routes and support the small company’s not just looking for the bigger companies with more to spend.

Our Story

The owner started out as a volunteer working as a community First Responder for the East of England Ambulance service. After a year as a responder, David got involved in the training with the rest of the trainers. 3 years down the line David took the opportunity to start his own company while still working part-time with his dad. As well as being a training provider David was a bank trainer for many other companies.  David then moved into the Event Medic cover, offering cover for mainly low-risk events. Struggling to keep up with the demands david need new ways to process all this data so introduced a new booking system which is shared with other training providers.

Meet the Team

We have our small team based in Essex which run the day to day things then we have over 50  trainers working around the UK. We believe everyone is different so instead of we telling staff what to do we ask who wants to do. We have found this works very well as staff get to work around other family needs and clients get happy enthusiastic trainers.

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Lisa Beal



Lisa is engaged to David and planning on getting married sooner rather than later.

The Kids



As you can see working together means lots of time together and the kids love making the First Aid videos.