First Aid at Work requalification in Shudy Camps

To attend this course will will need either

  • A valid FAW Certificate
  • A FAW certificate that  is no more than 2 months out of date as long as you have done the last 2 Annual refreshers.

Without the above you will need to attend a 3 day course to get a First Aid at Work Certificate.

Role and responsibilities of first aider:
Role, responsibilities, infection control, consent, first aid equipment, incident reporting

Incident and casualty assessment:
Scene survey, primary survey, calling for help/information needed

CPR and AED:
Unresponsive casualty not breathing normally

Unconscious casualty breathing normally:
Recovery position
Management of a seizure

Choking casualty:
Recognition and treatment

Types, recognition and treatment

External bleeding:
Types and treatment

Minor injuries:
Small cuts, grazes, bumps and bruises, small splinters, minor burns and nosebleeds

Chest injuries
Angina and heart attack
Fractures, dislocations, sprains and strains
Spinal injuries
Head injuries
Secondary survey
Eye injuries
Burns and scalds

Multiple choice question paper/written assessment and assessments are carried out during the course.

We can provide a trainer to come to your venue but your venue must meet the requirements. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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