First Aid at work in Baltonsborough (3 day course)

Its important you do a risk assessment in the workplace and as long as its a lost risk environment then this is ideal for you and your company.

You can gain more information from the HSE website.

So want to know what we cover?

Role and Responsibilities of first aider:
 Infection control Consent,

First aid equipment Incident reporting
Scene survey, primary survey, calling for help/information needed
Recovery position
Management of a seizure
Choking casualty
Types, recognition and treatment
Bleeds and treatment
Small cuts Grazes Bumps and bruises small splinters Minor burns During the training your trainer will be assess you and you will have a multiple question paper.

We are busy having fun making these videos but they are not quite ready yet.

Whats happening? You will be able todo blended course on EFAW so you do 3 hours online then a trainer will come and finish the last few bits before assess your practical and carryout a small test paper.

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Baltonsborough is a village and civil parish in the Mendip district of Somerset, England. According to the 2011 census the parish had a population of 864.[1] As well as Baltonsborough village, the parish contains the hamlets of Ham Street, Catsham and Southwood.

The parish was part of the hundred of Glaston Twelve Hides.[2] The first clue as to the origins of Baltonsborough lies in the name. The village stands on a slight rise beyond what would have been a sea of water between it and Glastonbury. The highest point, now known as Windmill Hill, would have been the site of the settlement, ringed round with ditches and palisades. One authority gives the possible translation of Baltonsborough as Bealdhas Hill, another as Baldurs Stockade. Legend has it that men of Baltonsborough joined King Arthur in his wars against the Saxons in the 6th century, although the earliest written evidence is from a deed dated 744AD, in which ten hides of land in Baltunesberghe was given to the Abbot of Glastonbury. Other variations of the name include Baltenesbergh (c1250) and Balsborowe (1536), The abbreviated Balsbury appears at intervals in later records, mostly of a more casual nature. In 1989 there was an attempt to adopt this, mostly in order to shorten the length of the village nameplates, a movement which attracted the attention of the national press but very little enthusiasm from the villagers. Baltonsborough is a sprawling village with five small centres, the main part nestling around the Church, an early 15th century perpendicular style building. Ham Street to the east and West Town on the western fringe are slowly being joined to the centre by new housing, whereas Southwood and Catsham to the south remain largely unchanged. The names Northwood and Southwood still exist as evidence of the 800 acres of oak woodland mentioned in Domesday. Although there is still evidence of the medieval strip fields to the north and south of the village centre, there is little or no modern arable farming, the few remaining farms concentrating on dairy farming for which the land is more suitable. The old cider apple orchards are slowly disappearing, accelerated by the closure of the Cider Mill in the 1950s and the unrealistic price offered by modern apple juice and cider factories. Not far from the Church along the Mill Stream is the site of the old tannery, also used later as a cider mill, a waste paper reclamation works and now a modern housing estate. Next door is the old water grist mill, converted to a private house in the late 1960s, and the ancient Gatehouse, a fine 14th century stone built house, named after a family of linen weavers. On Ham Street a commercial business was built on the legendary site of the birthplace of St Dunstan in 909AD, to whom the Church is dedicated, later to become abbot of Glastonbury and archbishop of Canterbury. Other buildings of interest include the Moravian Chapel, minister’s house and school on Ham Street, now all in private ownership; Lubborn House where Messrs Whitehead and Mullins ran a national cheese dealership at the end of the 19th century; and Hillside House (complete with tunnel into the hill) and Orchard Neville House, both substantial houses built by the same builder/architect in the mid 19th century. Ref No. 6

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  MY HEART BLEEDS THE unquestionable --
  MY excitement ENTERS YOUR SOUL unquestionably."
                            ~ Jesus

~ My response:

As I contact my Bible
I get the feeling 
someone is looking 
at me
I slope my head to see 
It is You, Jesus
my Savior
Your eyes look 
into mine
I feel You can see into my soul
You tell me You adore 
Thank You for being friendly to release 
even while You look 
my sins
even even if I harm 

I setting Your unstoppable throb 
caused by whatever my sins
they're beating You 
in stomach of me
I refuse to shout
"Crucify Him!" 
considering the crowd
yet I take 
God's Will
Thank You for taking my place
It will not be simple to watch You die
Will I have to close my eyes
Will me brute there 
comfort You 
I hope therefore
(Luke 23:21)

Now I gaze 
on the One 
I have pierced
I accept 
Your blood & water 
healing my soul
I'm sorry 
I adore You, Lord
I reach up
Your Cross
(John 19:34-37)

I stayed
Where else would I go
I saying Your Heart 
blood subsequent to fixed
droplets of Gospel
I hope I could have healed You then
but this is above 
and higher than 
a First Aid situation
I needed everything 
Your exaggerated Blood 
through Your wounds 
I am healed
Thank You 
for transfusing my heart 
similar to Your complete,
Grace, vivaciousness
(1 Peter 2:24)

I wish I could Keep You 
in my arms
but I know that is Your mother's role
I stand by her side while 
for moral support
and she lets me 
sustain Your lifeless hand
I'm red-handed
and it's my fault
I wish I could hold it forever
or never wash my hand again
to prove my love
radical devotion

But they are going to take You 
away from me
into the chilly tomb
3 days feels later thus long to wait
I wish I could hibernate in prayer too
in there next you, sadly
praying by Your body
I just have to wait 
past trust 
I put up with 
You will rise again
as soon as You told us

After 3 days 
of insomniac hope
I go in the same way as them 
my eyes look for You
The tomb is already contact
I hope they had allow me stay
I would have been let out
they didn't say yes
but I believed You
You search for my eyes 
We are reunited
no one can accept you away
at least not forever

You wash my still-red hand :)
I know You love me
me personally
I withhold Your tidy hand
I kiss the nail mark
Your rays of Divine Mercy
now unbloody, unwatery 
like a touchless embrace 
of unchanging Mercy
considering seeing The Light
I trust You, Jesus

Jesus' Answer to me 
(based upon Colossians 1:24)
"BY act out THE ABOVE --
YOU unlimited ME."