Anyone, yep we can all learn the basic skills to save a life. This does not have to be for work, you never know when you will need these skills.

This course covers Adult and child

  • CPR
  • Recovery
  • Choking

Its import if we come to you the venue is suitable please check on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

22/03/2019 Basilodn, Essex

02/04/2019 Basilodn, Essex

18/04/2019 Basildon, Essex

30/04/2019 Basildon, Essex

10/05/2019 Basildon, Essex

20/05/2019 Basildon, Essex 

03/06/2019 Basildon, Essex

18/06/2019 Basildon, Essex

01/07/2019 Basildon, Essex

17/07/2019 Basildon, Essex

29/07/2019 Basildon, Essex

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We are having so much fun making these videos but we are not quite ready yet. We really hope to bring this service soon.

Why online, well with this course you have 2 choice

  • 100%
  • Blended

If go for blended then we just come alog test you on a few question and ask you to practice some of the skills. We will update you more when we are ready to go live.