This is ideal for anyone who has children and want to know the bare basics during an emergency situation. Such as when a child stops breathing or is choking.

  • Parent
  • Grandparent
  • Siblings

This is our most popular course for family's. 

Delivering Infant and Child scenarios based on the following.

  • CPR
  • Recovery
  • Choking

Additional Subjects

  • Burns
  • Bleeds

Course lasts between 1-2 hours depend on the size of the group.

Actually we don't run many open courses for this, it is only if we get asked to run one at a venue.

Most of the time its at a family home, feel free to look at out group booking and see of you want us to come to you?

We are having so much fun making these videos but we are not quite ready yet. We really hope to bring this service soon.

Why online, well with this course you have 2 choice

  • 100%
  • Blended

If go for blended then we just come alog test you on a few question and ask you to practice some of the skills. We will update you more when we are ready to go live.