This is ideal for anyone that works with patients, such as 

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Dentist
  • Community carers 

We are actually going to let anyone join in as these skills are life saving.

This certificate is valid for one year.  

We start with the BLS

  • CPR
  • Recovery
  • Choking

The additional subjects as guided by the resus guidelines

  • AED
  • Burns
  • Bleeds
  • Anaphalaxis

Depending on class size this course can last 3 hours.

22/03/2019 Basildon, Essex

02/04/2019 Basildon, Essex

18/04/2019 Basildon, Essex

30/04/2019 Basildon, Essex

10/05/2019 Basilodn, Essex

20/05/2019 Basildon, Essex

03/06/2019 Basildon, Essex

18/06/2019 Basildon, Essex

01/07/2019 Basildon, Essex

16/07/2019 Basildon, Essex

29/07/2019 Basildon, Essex

We are having so much fun making these videos but we are not quite ready yet. We really hope to bring this service soon.

Why online, well with this course you have 2 choice

  • 100% online
  • Blended so 50% online then classroom

If you go for blended then we just come along test you on a few question and ask you to practice some of the skills. We will update you more when we are ready to go live.