Late Fees

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Currently we charge £1.25 from the day payment is late for 6 days then we charge a late fee as per the guideline. However this is changing you you will be charged a late fee from the day payment is late as per below

We currently charge less than the guidelines but we are increasing the fees from the 1st September 2017

We have seen an increase in our operational costs and like any other business we need to be paid. In the event you don’t pay your invoice(s) on time we are not left with much choice if you don’t contact us to discuss any financial difficultly but to take further action.

We will issue a reminder letter 1 day after the invoice at a fee of £4.

We will also charge the compensation rate recommended which starts from £40. This will vary depending on the total cost of the invoice. See link below


These cost will increase if no payment has been received in the next 7 days with the court costs starting from £35 plus the interest at a minimum of 8%

We use Thomas Higgins Solicitors  Please feel free to contact us before this escalates.